24 x 7 Production Support

We design our production support to solve your business problem

Our Adaptive and tailored SaaS model comes with 24 x7 support options. We specialize in Retail, Finance, Healthcare business verticals We offer to start with a scalable model that adds strength to our learning and understanding of your requirements

Support PhaseL1L2L3L4
Core FeaturesThe first connect to register the failure. L2 support will help in managing and resolving basic failure. L3 support can help in managing small bug fixes.L4 support will include all other support.
Primary Supportsuccesssuccesssuccesssuccess
Minor Enhancement errorerrorsuccesssuccess
Bug Fixes, Performance Tuning errorerrorsuccesssuccess
Subject Matter Expert errorerrorsuccesssuccess
Root Cause analyseserrorerrorerrorsuccess
Support ModelIncidence are resolved by Onsite TeamOnshore and Offshore work as a team to resolveMajor team will work from offshore to resolve
Complete support from offshore team
Time zone leverageerrorerrorsuccesssuccess
When To AdoptWhen requirements are not clear, and it may need to handle undefined task, this option will workFor unloading non strategic functionTo offload major responsibility for support tasksTo drive incremental value to achieve business objective including enhancement and support
Support Hourserror 8 Hr

success12 Hr

error16 Hr

error24 Hr
Choose No of Days for SupportDays of week
success5 Hr

error7 Hr
Point-of-failure analysis
Technical debterrorerrorsuccesssuccess