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About case study

Maxnet developed a detailed designed data warehouse with multiple database layers, including ODS, EDW and These layers are essential for enabling informed business decisions and robust data analysis for reporting solutions. We employ advanced tools and methodologies to ensure the seamless integration of data from various sources, enabling agility and adaptability to evolving business needs and technological changes. Our ongoing commitment to maintenance of data and providing new intelligence reports that align with dynamic business requirements’.

Challenges Faced

The client faced a challenge in effectively managing the influx of extensive data from multiple databases and sources. The complexity of handling and utilizing this data for business analysis and intelligence prompted the need for a more efficient system.

Solution and Approach

We offer the client experts support to enhance the accuracy, efficiency, and speed of data processing, ensuring the delivery of crucial business reports well ahead of established deadlines. Our team excels in handling intricate database designs, reporting applications for crucial reporting purposes. With around-the-clock support, we promptly detect and resolve data-related and report delivery issues. Our commitment to a “Zero follow-up policy” means we proactively analyze and address issues promptly, allowing clients to focus on more critical tasks. This approach fosters a strong sense of trust in Maxnet.

Milestones and Achievements

The technologies integrated into our project directions ensure efficiency and success.

Power BI

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Key Technologies Employed

  • Crafting Datawarehouse architecture and constructing data pipelines using MS-SQL.
  • Using data integration tools such as Informatica for integrating data from multiple sources into data warehouse.
  • Utilizing reporting tools such as Power BI design and develop reports to drive actionable insights from data.

Impact and Outcomes

The project had a significant and positive impact, yielding benefits not only for our organization but also for our client’s business and stakeholders.


The project transcended the boundaries of a typical IT initiative; it unfolded as a transformative journey. Demonstrating adaptability and innovation amidst challenges, it stands as a testament to our capabilities. As we envision the future, the invaluable lessons derived from this project will persist in shaping our ongoing pursuit of excellence.

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